Click on the following link to run GC Retention Predictor:

Launch GC Retention Predictor

After clicking on the above link, a window will ask you to either open or save "gcretentionpredictorapp.jnlp". Make sure "Open with" and "Java(TM) Web Start Launcher" are selected and then click "Ok".

Note: Some browsers may open the contents of gcretentionpredictor.jnlp instead of running it. In that case, follow the instructions below for "Running GC Retention Predictor Offline".


Basic Instructions

A full tutorial is not available at this time, but you can see basic function of the GC retention predictor by doing the following:

- Click on the "Preloaded Values..." button at the bottom of the application window.

- Select one of the temperature programs and click on the "Ok" button. The retention times of the n-alkane standards will be automatically populated along with the temperature program.

- Click on the "Next Step" button to continue.

- Click on the "Back-Calculate Profiles" button to begin back-calculating the temperature profile and the flow rate difference profile. GC Retention Predictor will optimize the two profiles until the variance drops by less than 1% between full iterations.

- Click on the "Next Step" button to continue.

- Click on the "Predict Retention Times" button to predict the retention for all of the other compounds for which we've measured their isothermal retention vs. temperature relationships. Right now, we don't have the experimental retention times of the compounds posted for you to compare with the projected ones. We will add those soon.

Running GC Retention Predictor Offline

If you would like to use GC Retention Predictor offline, right-click the following link:


and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...". Then, to run Retention Predictor, just double-click on the downloaded file. Note that an active internet connection IS needed the first time it is run this way so that a copy can be downloaded and stored locally on your computer.